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Teen's Dentistry

Parents know that the teen years present unique challenges.  When it comes to dental health, this is often a time of rapid changes. Cavity activity can suddenly accelerate with more independence in food and drink habits.  With less supervision, a teens oral hygiene routine can become inconsistent, sometimes to the point of complete neglect.  Increased independence may lead to eating and drinking habits that harm oral and overall health.  A good partnership with our dental team is important, and we pride ourselves on the friendly, yet professional rapport we have with our many teen patients.

Preventive visits every six months allow us to coach your teen and reinforce the efforts they are making.  These routine visits help us identify and treat problems, such as gum disease and decay at the earliest possible stage, decreasing costs and limiting time missed from school or work. 

Many teens participate in sports, and our custom-fitted athletic mouth guards are the preferred choice of parents and young athletes.  Quite often, older teens need their third molars or "wisdom teeth" removed, a procedure Dr. Morrison is usually able to due in the office - rather than referring your teen to an oral surgeon.  

Preventive visits every six months provide us with an opportunity to coach your teen and reinforce the efforts you're making with them. Sometimes the rapport we establish in a professional, yet friendly, setting proves especially effective. Plus we can share problems with them through visual aids while reinforcing any positive efforts they're making.