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Children's Dentistry

We understand the importance of your child having a good relationship with their dentist, and a positive experience at their dental visits. These are key to establishing good oral hygiene habits early on, and can impact a child’s dental health for their whole lives. Rest assured, Dr. Morrison and his team take pride in their gentle approach, making sure that children are comfortable and relaxed during their visit.  We often hear from parents that their children like coming to the dentist!  

Having a great relationship with your Dentist is essential as tooth decay often begins at an early age, making young children particularly susceptible.  In fact, nearly half of 2-11-year-olds have experienced tooth decay while a third of kids between 9 -11 years old display cavities in their permanent teeth.   We work hard to make sure that your children are not part of these statistics! 

Having young children himself, Dr. Morrison understands how challenging it can be to keep your children's teeth healthy.  Our Dental Hygienists are trained to teach oral hygiene skills to children of all ages and spend part of each hygiene visit reviewing oral hygiene skills.   We invite you to consider our Family Dental Practice - give us a call at (919) 755-3450 if you have questions or schedule an appointment online.