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Dental Gift Ideas


Looking for gift ideas this season for the kids on your holiday list? Don’t worry – we have some great ones for you.  And we like them because they’re all … dental-related! 

Here are our favorites:

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill kit
Despite the ominous title, the Dr. Drill & Fill play set provides an interactive way of learning all about the dental experience. Tools are provided for various dental scenarios including brushing teeth, putting on braces and even filling a cavity.  Knowledge is power and kids love learning all about the unknown.  

Crocodile Dentist
In this game, kids try to find which of the silly croc’s teeth are sore.  When they press down on a tooth, he’ll chomp if it’s sore and send that player out of the game.  Okay – not much learning about dental health, but lots of giggles. 

Doc McStuffins Happy Smiles Dentist Play Set
Heal your pets and bring their smiles back with the Happy Smiles Dentist Play Set. It includes a dentist table, a dentist chair, toothbrush, toothpaste floss, as well as anything else needed to keep Bronty’s smile healthy.  

Barbie Careers Dentist Playset
This play set has Barbie in the role of a dentist. Of course, she has that special touch of classic Barbie fun with a stylish office, all the perfect accessories, and a fashionable outfit to boot. You get your very own toddler patient to work on as well! 

Playmobil Dentist with Patient
The PLAYMOBIL Dentist with Patient Play Set has everything your child needs for a dental exam. Look for cavities at the very back of the mouth with the help of the reclining exam chair. Of course it would not be possible without the overhead light. Keep all tools and equipment nearby on the side table. Make up scenarios with the adult doctor and child figure and help reassure your child in the process.

Alma’s Designs Dental Kit
This kit includes plush instruments to help your little one become comfortable with their dental routine and an upcoming dental visit.  You can encourage them to your mouth wide for flossing or probing with the tools in this kit, or do some pretend brushing and rinsing. It includes a convenient bag to hold all the dental accessories.

Calico Critters Country Dentist Playset

This set includes Dr. Bunny Richard in his dentist uniform in his very own clinic, complete with reclining dental chair with spit sink, a detachable chair lamp, a swiveling stool, a whole dentist tray on wheels, a surgical mask to perform procedures with ease, a bib for the patient, and accessories like toothbrushes, cups, and dental tools. Everything a dentist needs to perform his duties perfectly!

Children’s Dental-Themed Books

There are so many to choose from!  Some of our favorites are The Crocodile and the Dentist, Sugarbug Doug, Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, The Night Before the Tooth Fairy and The Tooth Book:  A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.  These fun stories will make your little ones feel more comfortable next time they need a cleaning and reinforce the importance of oral hygiene. 

We want children to have a positive view of going to the dentist.  Preventing a child’s fear with dental visits, getting kids interested in oral hygiene, and teaching them the importance of healthy teeth from an early age is key to a lifetime of oral health.  What better way to start than dental inspired toys and books?   

Finally - don’t forget these great stocking stuffers - a new toothbrush with their favorite character on it, flossers, and age-appropriate mouthwash.

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