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How We Can Help You Save Money at Your Dental Visit


About 85 million Americans don’t receive the dental care they need either because they lack dental insurance or, if they have coverage, they struggle to pay for costly procedures like root canals.  Yet, untreated, dental problems can lead to serious oral health issues, and they are linked to many diseases like dementia, heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. 

At Jeff M.  Morrison & Associates, DDS, we work hard to make dental care affordable for you and your family.  Here are some of the ways: 

  1. Prevention is ALWAYS cost effective, and at each visit, we discuss the importance of a good oral care routine and let you know how you’re doing.  We’ll also pre-schedule your next visit and remind you when it’s time to come in so your smile stays healthy.

  2. We’re in-network with Cigna, BCBS and Aetna and accept most major dental plans. Our Insurance Specialist will file your dental insurance and make sure you receive every dime of benefits you are entitled to, as well as provide cost estimates for recommended treatment so you can make informed decisions about your care. 

  3. No insurance?  With our in-office St. Mary’s Dental Savings Plan our uninsured patients receive exceptional care, at a significant discount.  An annual fee of $375 provides a comprehensive prevention package as well as 15% off ALL your dental treatment - from crowns and fillings, to veneers and whitening.  Most patients find that the discounts alone more than covers the cost of the Plan.   

  4. We also work with you on treatment and payment options.  If you need more dental work than you can afford, Dr. Morrison will explain which procedures need to be done right away and which can be put off for a little while.  We’ll also put together a payment plan – including CareCredit – to cover any procedures that cannot wait.  

  5. Finally, you can be assured that at Jeff M. Morrison & Associates, DDS, your dental care will be done right the first time, or we will re-do it at no cost to you.   Yep – we guarantee our work – so you won’t have to pay for that crown a second time. 

Dental care is expensive, but NOT getting dental care will cost you more in the end – in dollars and your health.  We invite you to join our dental practice, where you can be assured of excellent and affordable care.  We are always welcoming new patients – give us a call at (919) 755-3450.