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Corporate vs. Local Dental Practices


There are so many things to think about when choosing a dentist. Their experience, reputation, insurance plans they accept, and location are all important. Here’s another consideration – do you want to see a dentist in a private, locally owned dental practice, or a dentist in a corporate practice?

You might be surprised at the differences. As a small, locally owned dental practice in Raleigh, North Carolina, we want to share some reasons why choosing a private dental practice, like the Raleigh dental practice of Jeff M. Morrison & Associates, DDS, is to your advantage. 

1. Connection with the Community

Dentists with their own private practice usually have deep roots in the community. Like Dr.Morrison, who grew up in Raleigh, they’re the people you see at church, or the grocery store, or whose kids go to your kids’ school. They’re your neighbors, and like great neighbors, they’re friendly, look out for you, and help you out in time of need. When you crash your bike and break off your front teeth on a Sunday afternoon, you can be sure that Dr. Morrison will be there for you. 

2. Patients Come for the Care  - Not “Specials” or “Discounts”

With a corporate dental office, the emphasis is on volume, and appointments are filled through advertising campaigns and discounted specials, such as “teeth whitening for life” or “$49 new patient exams.”

Local dentists, like Dr. Morrison, don’t answer to a large corporation with a team of accountants wielding strict budgets and pushing quotas for him to reach daily. There are no shareholders looking to maximize profits at the patient’s expense. Building great relationships with patients, assuring the best dental outcomes, and the best patient experience, is what drives the practice of a local dentist, like Dr. Morrison. 

3. We Know Your Mouth

Seeing someone every six months, year after year, means your local dental practice staff understands the factors that influence your oral health. Dr. Morrison knows if you struggle with smoking, have diabetes, or are at risk for periodontal disease. Our scheduling staff know which patients need a reminder call to schedule their six-month check-up.  Our Dental Hygienists know if you gag easily, or are anxious in the dental chair. Unlike a corporate practice, which may schedule you with different dentists and hygienists at each visit, staff at a local dental practice will get to know your dental habits and work with you to keep your mouth healthy. 

4. Experience Counts

Dentists in corporate dental chains are often hired right out of dental school.  These young dentists lack the insights and experience that comes with a dentist, like Dr. Morrison, who has many years’ experience working on complex dental issue, and they may not have colleagues who can mentor them in addressing their patients’ needs effectively. 

5. Continuity of Care

In large-scale corporate dental firms, you are unlikely to see the same dentist year after year. They tend to employ dentists right out of school, who spend a few years in a corporate setting gaining experience and skills, before moving to a private practice. Or, the pressure to meet productivity quotas means that if they do not focus on profit, chances are strong they will not last with the company.

In contrast, a local dentist such as Dr. Morrison, who owns his own practice, understands the value of hiring great staff and keeping them. He knows patients like to see the same face when they come in for their appointment, and that this continuity of care leads to better dental outcomes. 

Is a Small Private Dental Practice Right for You?

We understand the allure of corporate dentistry – the special offers, discounts and promotions, the extended hours, and freebies. They can do this because they operate on model that emphasizes high volume, low cost dentistry. Is that really what you (or your teeth) need?

If you live in the Raleigh area and are looking for a dentist, we invite you to join the locally-owned dental practice of Jeff M. Morrison & Associates, DDS.   Considered by many to be the best Raleigh dentist, Dr. Morrison offers exceptional care and creative solutions to your dental concerns.  Great patient care, not profit, is our goal. Get in touch and schedule today!