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No Dental Insurance? Five Reasons Why Patients LOVE Our Dental Savings Plan

Much has been said about the millions of American without health insurance. But often overlooked in these discussions is another vital medical statistic: the hundreds of millions of Americans without dental insurance. 

For those without dental insurance, a toothache that turns into an expensive procedure like a crown or root canal will be more than a thousand dollars in out-of-pocket charges. Routine check-ups and cleanings will set you back hundreds each year. No wonder 35% of Americans have not visited the dentist in the past year.

That's why we created the St. Mary's Street Dental Savings Plan. It covers the cost for annual preventive care, at a discounted priced, and offers a significant savings off all other treatment throughout the year. Here are five reasons why patients love our Dental Savings Plan:

1. It's Not Insurance

The St. Mary's Dental Savings Plan is straightforward: there are no third parties, no yearly maximums, no deductions, no claim forms to file, no waiting periods, no age restrictions and no pre-authorization forms. Pretty simple.

2. Exclusive Savings Can Pay for the Cost of the Plan

You get a year's worth of preventive care for an up-front annual fee, as well as 15% discount off of all other care throughout the year. Need a crown? Night guard? A full smile makeover? Enjoy exclusive savings on all other care. If, for example, you need (or want) $5000 worth of dental care, you would save $750 - which will easily pay for the cost of the annual plan, providing you with all your preventive care for the year.

3. Say YES to Restorative and Cosmetic Care

Don't wait to have the care you need or want! Unlike insurance companies that have waiting periods or exclude certain procedures, you can receive all your dental care today. Have you been putting off having that crown or smile makeover? Sign up today and start saving! 

4. No Surprises

We offer a "no surprises" guarantee with our Dental Savings Plan. We'll let you know the exact cost of the procedure (minus the 15% discount) upfront, complete your treatment for the specified price, and we're done. When you have dental insurance, we bill the insurance company after we provide your treatment and you're never sure how much they will cover, sometimes leaving you with unexpected out-of-pocket costs. 

5. Better Dental Health

It's easy to put off your cleaning and check-up if you don't think you have any problems. The problem is that many dental problems don't cause concern until they are much more serious. Left unchecked, a small cavity that would cost about $100 to fill can turn into a $1200 root canal or crown. Skip those cleanings each year and you can be looking at $2000 in gum disease treatment. Finally, during the dental exam, we look for more serious problems, such as oral cancer. Early detection is critical to successful treatment. With the Dental Savings Plan, your preventive care is covered and your treatment is discounted.

Affordable & Flexible Membership Cost

Annual membership in the Plan is $375 per person. This covers twice yearly exams, cleanings, and x-rays and, for children up to age 14, fluoride treatments. Plan members also receive a 15% discount off all other dental care including crowns, fillings, bite guards, dentures, and cosmetic procedures. Flexible payment options are available, including CareCredit. 

A Thoughtful Gift Idea

Is there someone in your life without dental insurance who could use help maintaining their oral health? Maybe an employee? An older child no longer on your dental insurance? At Jeff M. Morrison & Assoc., DDS, we offer gift certificates for the St. Mary's Dental Savings Plan. The recipient will receive all the benefits of the plan, and you will be assured that the person you care about is getting great dental care, when they need it. Give the gift of dental health - contact our staff today for more information.

Ready for a Healthy Smile? 

Learn more about the St. Mary's Street Dental Savings Plan on our website or call our friendly staff with questions at 919.755.3450. Enroll at your next appointment and start saving.